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Practice areas

Employment Law For Businesses

We offer employment law services for businesses of all sizes and industries, from hiring to firing and issues that may arise thereafter. Jennifer Emmans, founding lawyer, strives to provide not only advice regarding your legal obligations, but also practical and strategic advice to protect your business and create a productive work environment for your employees.

Employment Law For Counsel

In addition to working directly with clients, Jennifer is happy to partner with other lawyers who require expertise in the area of employment law in order to better serve their clients, or who require greater bandwidth from time to time when their practice is busy.

General Practice Support

General legal research, drafting of litigation documents, and local court appearances are some of the ways in which we may be able to assist other lawyers.  If you require assistance with your practice, please contact us to see if we are able to help.

Our Approach

ELPC offers excellent quality legal services, transparent pricing, and enjoyable, personalized service. Our virtual approach allows for each client to have the most flexible and personalized services for the most competitive price.

Jennifer takes pride in attending local employment law seminars, following leading employment law reporters and participating in the local employment law bar to ensure her knowledge is always up to date and her clients are receiving the best expertise.

Clients can enjoy up-front quotes for all work performed. Work can be done on an hourly basis, on a fixed fee per project, or as a monthly subscription for businesses that wish to have regular access to expertise.

About Us

Jennifer Emmans

Founder & Lawyer

Having worked with a top tier, international law firm for close to seven years, Jennifer has direct experience helping corporate clients of all sizes with their employment needs.

She has extensive experience in drafting and reviewing contracts and policies, providing training, and advising clients on a variety of employment, human rights and policy issues. She has also represented many clients throughout settlement negotiations in order to avoid costly litigation, as well as represented clients in Superior Court, Small Claims Court, the Human Rights Tribunal, and Canada Labour Code hearings.

Jennifer is the Chair of the Board for Just Food, a not-for-profit organization which promotes sustainable farming and food systems in the Ottawa area. She is also a Member-at-Large of the Ontario Bar Association Employment and Labour Law Executive. In her spare time, you will catch Jennifer outdoors and often accompanied by horses, children, family or friends.

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